No thank you Easter Candy and Simple Vegan Cauliflower Soup

My co-worker asked me today, do I want any candy from her Easter basket?  Saying no thanks, she insisted.  “I don’t mean to sound like a candy snob, I said but I don’t eat any of that”.  I used to devour peeps but after I became vegan and lost weight, I look at candy and white sugar like it’s the plague.  Not interested anymore.  She asked me “did I used to be heavy”.  I told her how after having a child, too busy with baby, stopped cooking, stopped exercising, ate out at fast food, gained weight. After I changed all of my foods to whole food and vegan I no longer crave or have any desire for candy.  I chew double bubble gum for any sweet tooth cravings.  Then Brush-Floss-Brush* at night. I have my daughter do the same whenever she chews gum.  There’s never candy or sweets in our house by choice. When my daughter wants sweet she adds some Blue Agave into her oatmeal. That’s night and day compared to 5 years ago and beyond when I lived pretty much on pepperoni pizza, ice cream, white coconut cake and sweetened rasberry iced tea with some broccoli and lots of cheese everyday. Now, I’m glad to say traditional pizza and junk food have no appeal to me.  Also, the thought of the animals’ pain and suffering they endured to be put into a food form is sad and gross at the same time.  I read the book “Skinny Bitch” which changed my life forever. After that, I watched the docu movie Earthlings narrated by Joaquin Phoenix on YouTube and saw how cows and pigs are slaughtered.  It’s horrific.  Easter is in two days and I see people buying hams at the grocery store. All I see are images of the pigs.  That’s those people’s choice and I was once, one of them. I don’t judge them personally.  People are becoming more aware from other documentaries such as Forks over Knives,  And everyday I hear people talking about healthier vegetarian choices.  There’s a new trend with the traditional grocery stores which promote healthier choices.  I’m so thankful I have discovered a Vegan lifestyle.  It has opened my eyes and it’s keeping me and my daughter very healthy.  I wish for the animals sake, consumers choose vegan foods at a faster pace.  The health and weight loss benefits alone are remarkable.

*Toddler song I heard when my I used to take my daughter to Mommy and Me type of play group.

Brushing Teeth Song: “When you wake up in the morning and you want a little fun, you brush your teeth.  ch ch ch ch, ch ch ch ch ch”.

Well, Switching gears, here’s an easy, fast Cauliflower Soup recipe I adapted from watching a Good Morning America cooking segment last month.  Cutting out the oil and butter – saute shallots with water only.

Cauliflower Soup

Get: Cauliflower, Shallots, Leeks

Cook: (1) Saute chopped Shallots and chopped Leeks in water on high heat 4 minutes filled with shallow level of water. Stir frequently.

(2) Pour Shallots, Leeks with any water left over into large cooking pot filled with chopped Cauliflower, fill with water to top of cauliflower.  (3) Cover half way – cook on medium heat 15 minutes max and enjoy.  Dash of Sea Salt optional.

Cauliflower Soup

Tidbit:  During a recent visit, my doctor enthusiastically said to me, “You have lower cholesterol than I do!” and he’s a decade younger than me.

I’ve had converations with people especially men whose cholesterol numbers lowered significantly when they completely cut out dairy from their diet.  At a conference, I met a man in his 40’s who once had stage 4 Prostate Cancer, after adopting a vegan diet his prostate cancer quickly dissolved.  He’s now healthy.