4 ways to get your kids to eat Vegan and their Veggies

4 ways to get your kids to eat Vegan and their Veggies by Andrea Rader

1. Keep putting it on the table

Continue to put the new Vegan foods or a Vegetable on the table regularly, don’t stop and put just a little so you don’t feel it’s being wasted.  Kids will eventually try something new and end up liking it or hating it but they will taste it if it keeps showing up on the dinner table.  If they like it they will continue to eat it.  Whether it’s brussel sprouts or mung beans with the only exception of mushrooms.  That doesn’t come for decades.  But that’s ok.

2.Don’t push it Ever

Act ever so nonchalant about it and discover new foods in the house for yourself.  Look at this like a fun exploration of foods.  Never push it or get upset if they don’t eat something at that moment.  There are times when kids will hate something and then like it down the line.  My daughter loved avocado as a baby, at 5 years old she thought it was disgusting – I never pushed it. I just kept eating them myself ’cause I love avocados.  At 10 years old she was open to eating it again with some sea salt monitored by Mom.

3. Have them prepare it

If it’s their first time eating home baked vegan deserts that do not come from a box.  Have them pick out and buy the items with you at the store, pour and mix them at home, prepare it by hand and you put it in the oven.  When it comes out they will have pride and excitement about the new food.   Agave and apple juice goes a long way for adding a healthy and natural alternative to white table sugar.

Just learning how to cook vegan and want to watch your budget?  Go to your library and get several vegan books most have recipes, try recipes that look good.  Don’t worry if you don’t have every single ingredient.  When buying new vegan ingredients keep the receipt and go back and exchange anything you don’t like.  Ask the store what their return policy is.  When I first started out in 2008, I started eating soy cheese and ate a lot of soy meat.  I have since stopped eating soy products and use tapioca cheese moderately like Daiya because it’s better for you tastes great.  http://www.daiyafoods.com/

4. Pack it with you

Prepare carrot sticks, celery with almond butter, raisins and any leftovers in the car with you, on the bus and where every you go. When you or your child gets hungry you just pull the snack out of your bag.  Keep it on a freezer pouch even in the car when you go to services like church or temple.

I use bigger ice packs but these Rubbermaid are fun if you have little ones. If you can find soft pack Rubbermaid brand at Target or online, they keep cold all day, http://www.rubbermaid.com/Category/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?Prod_ID=RP091800

Check out these sites too for vegan recipes and info: