5 year Vegan anniversary

Five years ago I became vegan based on the book I read called “Skinny Bitch”.   www.skinnybitch.net and thank my lucky stars I saw the book, read it and followed the new eating lifestyle.  The results to my amazement was a 45 pound weight loss which I’ve kept off.  I became thoughtful of animals and no longer wanted to eat slaughtered animals.

The first six months was an amazing journey of new food discoveries.  Like quinoa, lentils, beets and fresh fruits and veggies no longer cooked to the point of no flavor or no nutrients like the veggies you get at some restuarants. The discovery of raw vegetables was a delight and my taste buds changed drastically to enjoy raw broccoli.

Once the initial 20 pounds came off, it was very easy and fun to exercise!

Over the past 5 years went from eating soy meats to eliminating them, only eating veggies (including green leafy & sweet potatoes), fruits, nuts, seeds. And gluten-free pasta to a minimum.

The challenge now in the fifth year is running out of ideas of food to cook.  I got sick of the same recipes I cooked and ate for 5 years.  I still love lentils. But I did get sick of them a few months ago for a month or two. Right now I want to keep to the basics and only things that grow from the ground.  It’s a bit challenging and need to cook all meals.  It is worth it though and worth all the dishes I have to do.

  • I keep the weight off
  • I am proud of myself
  • Thankful for the discovery and interest to change
  • Thankful my daughter eats and loves veggies and health food

I’m a Happy Vegan!



Above is a pic of one of my dinners I cooked.  Lentils, sauted califlower, fresh broccoli with yellow mustard.