Gluten-Free Garbanzo Patties

Gluten-Free Garbanzo Patties

I thought of this recipe in the afternoon 2.8.12 and cooked it for my daughter and myself. She really liked it and asked for more… 3 times.


1 Cup Oats (gluten-free), chopped in a blender so it’s like flour,

dash of Gluten-free Brown Rice Flour

dash of fine sea salt

1 can Garbanzo beans, drained 15 ounce

2 very small tomatoes

1 slice of onion from a whole onion

Small handful of Hemp Seeds


1. chop Oats in a blender, put in a large bowl keep it aside, sprinkle hemp seeds, sprinkle brown rice flour

2. cut tomatoes (small tomatoes), onion put into blender press chop a few times and 1 quick pulse of liquefy in a blender once

3. open and drain garbanzo beans

4. pour garbanzo beans in blender with tomatoes, onion press chop on blender until g.beans are chopped then press mix about 3 times

5. pour chopped tomatoes, onion, garbanzo beans mixture on top of oats in the bowl, dash of salt, mix by hand several times

6. Make batter into small balls and cook in non-stick frying pan, smash with spatula, no oil, flatten balls while in pan

7. Spatula may stick while flattening (prevent by wetting back with water), scrape off spatula with spoon into frying pan

8. Cook each side about 20-30 seconds until golden brown, stand nearby and watch it so patties won’t burn

9. As you flip patty put dash of sea salt (optional), after 20 seconds flip again

10. Sprinkle hemp seeds after final patties are flipped

Serve and enjoy


  • A side of raw washed organic green kale would be nice with this or you can steam some kale.  First cut up kale with stem and steam 5 minutes then serve
  •  I used a blender only for the dry ingredients, if you have a food processor use that to chop as directed above
  • Can be garnished with a gluten-free bun, lettuce and tomato if desired
  • The tomatoes used in this recipe were a little larger than the size of a grape tomato

mixed and ready to cook

Spoon and make balls into pan, no oil just cook med-high

flatten balls into pan and cook 20 sec. each side

Cooked and ready to eat!


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