The day I became Vegan changed my life!


AFTER 2009

I read the book Skinny Bitch in May 2003 which made me look at how unsanitary and fattening the food I was eating was. I started to switch out all the bad foods and eat the suggested foods that Skinny Bitch mentioned. When making burritos I cut out the meat and used vegan cheese and made my own salsa for example. Within 6 months of completely becoming vegan I lost 25 pounds.  I had already lost 20 pounds cutting out all white sugar and pastries.  Total weight loss 45 pounds. I’ve been a vegan for 3 1/2 years and will be vegan for life (It will be 4 years May 2012). The weight is still off, I also do not eat anything with white sugar or white bread, for cheese substitute I eat tapioca cheese (vegan). I no longer eat soy meat.  I go for whole foods/plant based food for both of us.  I thank the authors of the book Skinny Bitch for my life transformation. My taste buds completely changed. I came to prefer raw veggies and my sugar cravings for white sugar and candy have gone away.

I have come to learn the importance of how my daughter and I being vegan helps contribute to saving the environment, saving the lives of helpless animals and improving our own bodies to stay healthy and looking good.


September 2011


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